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Branding for Small Businesses

“There are no magic solutions, only through effort will we be able to improve branding and make a place for ourselves in the memory of our audience.”

Harrison Magoutas, Founder at Voltihost

Small business brand identity is the set of actions that lead to creating that structure in the minds of our public. When done right, branding leaves an indelible mark executed by a mix of design, language and experience directed towards a specific objective.

Small business brand identity can be the difference between being successful or just getting by. Alongside brand awareness boosting tactics, you will be able to reach your target audiences in no time.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is simply all those actions that speak about your company. Everything you do, communicates. From the defining elements of the company such as the name, logo, business cards or website, to the tone of the communication, customer service, product warmth, etc. Both the smallest and the most important details end up influencing the personality of your brand.

Logically, before you start creating your brand image, you must be clear about who your potential customers are and how you want to present yourself to them. You must define your values ​​as a brand and think about how you want it to be perceived by others. You must be consistent with those values ​​in all the actions and relationships that you execute as a brand.

 How Brand Identity Helps Small Businesses

If you do not define the attributes of your brand, the market will do it for you and it may be that the opinion of competitors, which will not be what you desire, is what ultimately remains in the mind of the consumer. This is the main reason to create a clear branding strategy in your business, but there are a few more.

  • Branding helps you stand out from your competition
  • Branding increases the value of what you sell
  • Branding creates emotional ties with your consumers
  • Branding builds customer loyalty


Tips for Strengthening Brand Identity

When speaking of branding, names such as Cola Cola, Google, McDonalds, Apple, Levi’s and a very long etcetera usually appear. And it is these brands that are part of our lives and increasingly drive value for companies around the world.

We do not intend to become Coca Cola here (although hope is the last thing that is lost!). There are no magic solutions, only through effort will we be able to improve branding and make a place for ourselves in the memory of our audience.

These are some proven strategies that will help you strengthen brand identity of your small business. Remember, be consistent and exhibit your brand and company values ​​in all actions:

Guest Content

A good way to boost brand awareness is to use guest content. Create valuable content for your audience and share it on industry blogs or social accounts that are already recognized as thought leaders of your niche. In this way, you will bolster your current audience’s trust with increased social proof and create great first impressions with new audiences.


Infographics are a very graphical way to display data and statistics in a digestible fashion. This content is more easily shared than simple text. And therefore, it is an indispensable tactic to optimize brand building.


Find influential people in your industry sector and establish an alliance with them to promote your brand. Choose influencers with high authority within their niche. Do not base your decision to work with influencers on the number of followers they have, but on social engagement. The reason is simple. The number of followers may be easily manipulated with an investment in ads, but manipulating quality engagement is usually much more complicated, so it is usually a more reliable element. Bonus points if your influencers exhibit the same values as your company or brand! Remember what we discussed about brand identity? Consistency.

 Remarketing campaigns

Remarketing consists of showing ads to users who have visited your website, but left before converting. With effective remarketing campaigns, individuals who’ve previously expressed a level of interest in what you have to offer will see your brand everywhere on the Internet. You will remain top of mind when the consumer is ready to take action. And it is a great way to increase your conversion rates.

For more tips and tricks to increase brand equity of your small business, stay tuned to our blog! If there is anything we can help you with, contact us. We also love hearing ideas for future content!

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