Privacy Policy

Last modified: December 14, 2013


Voltihost Additional Policies

As a subsidiary of Voltisoft, the privacy practices of Voltisoft (http://voltisoft.com/terms) also apply to Voltihost.


Please review this document in its entirety for additional information on how Voltihost respects your privacy.

Voltihost Collected Information & Data Transmission

Voltihost client data is collected for the sole purpose of transmitting data to serve web page requests. Under no circumstances shall Voltihost sell this collected and transmitted information to third parties.


Voltihost Client Sites Disclaimer

Voltihost is not responsible for the privacy practices of its hosted sites.

Any concerns pertaining to the privacy practices of a hosted site should be referred to the hosted site for review.


If you believe that a site’s practices are illegal or are otherwise unethical, contact abuse@voltihost.com.