Terms of Service

Last modified: December 14, 2013


Voltihost Additional Terms

As a subsidiary of Voltisoft, Users are subject to the Voltisoft Terms of Service (http://voltisoft.com/terms) in addition to the terms stated in this document.

Please carefully review the document in its entirety before using the Voltihost service.

Voltihost Acceptable Use Policy

Users of the Voltihost service are subject to the AUP (http://voltihost.com/docs/AUP).

By using the Voltihost service, you agree and adhere to the policies stated in the AUP.


Backups may be performed via cPanel. Voltihost is not responsible for restoring backups for lost data.

Suspension and Termination

The following cases are grounds for suspension and/or termination:


Breach of AUP


Using your hosting account as a file or image storage service


Using your account as a personal file backup service


Hosting IRCD, image hosting sites, autosurf, port scanners, banner-ad services, escrow, banking, investment, lottery, gambling and pharmacy sites.


Hosting nulled or cracked versions of scripts or softwares and other licensed softwares and/or programs.


Directly or indirectly distributing or linking to warez, cracked, pirated, or copyrighted software.


Using the Service to operate server programs, including, but not limited to mail servers, IRC servers, game servers, ftp servers, Web servers, or streaming audio/video servers.


Performing a chargeback on any transactions past or present will result in account suspension until resolved. If a chargeback is issued we reserve the right to remove your account, impose a $50 fine per chargeback and deny any future business.

Overage Fees

Disk Space $ 0.0010 per MB over the plan’s allotted amount and $1 per GB over plan’s allotted bandwidth (with a minimum overage charge of $1).

Voltihost Sites – Disclaimer

You acknowledge that, although Voltihost may monitor its clients’ websites for inappropriate content, in no way do the sites hosted on the Voltihost service represent the views of the service’s parent company, executive board, employees, team, or affiliates, and that all hosted sites are given the freedoms of speech as long as they abide by the AUP.

Changes to Terms

Although Voltihost may give notice to changes in additional terms, you are ultimately responsible for regular review for updates to these terms, and your continued use of the Service will constitute your agreement to new terms. You may terminate your Service by ticket request if you do not agree to these terms.