Elevate Your Connection;

Our Philosophy

The Voltihost Referral Program transcends traditional reward systems. We believe in forging a bilateral, hands-on partnership between Voltihost and our esteemed clients. This exclusive program enables those who understand the intricate challenges of their referee to recommend Voltihost’s bespoke digital solutions.
It’s not just a reward; it’s a testament to our mission of sculpting premium, tailor-made digital solutions for forward-thinking, innovative brands. We see our clients not merely as customers but as integral partners in pioneering our vision.

Refer Solutions with Elegance

How It Works:

Referral Bonus: We celebrate your trust with an elegant reward. A referral payout of $300 for each successful signup of a fully managed Solutions package, enhanced with $480 in statement credits over 12 months.
Revenue Share: We expand this unique offering with 5% of recurring revenue over the first six months of committed solutions revenue in additional statement credits.

Referral Process

We invite you to access our client account portal and complete the Refer Voltihost form for each referral.

Program Notes

We offer an unlimited horizon to refer clients and accumulate statement credits. These credits are uniquely yours, non-transferable, and valid while your account remains in good standing.
We continually refine our program to stay competitive and unparalleled in client experience. Changes to the referral program may occur at our discretion.
For inquiries, please connect with us at [email protected]. Your feedback and suggestions are not only welcomed; they are desired.
Should you seek to refer without an active client relationship with us, please explore our Affiliate Program, another facet of our exquisite offerings.