ATW Properties

Custom Website, Payment Processing, Branding

ATW Properties, LLC is a respected multiunit landlord enterprise based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, overseeing more than 100 residential units within their portfolio.


In need of a robust digital presence, ATW Properties required a streamlined solution for managing rental applications, tenant payments, and property maintenance requests efficiently.

Digital Solutions Provided

  • Stripe Payment Processing System
  • Fillable Form Management
  • Verified Digital Signatures
  • Branding Integration


Voltihost was entrusted with providing comprehensive and fully-managed web solutions for ATW Properties. This included the development of a customized marketing website featuring essential functionalities such as a digital maintenance form, secure payment processing through Stripe payment gateway, and digital communication channels to enhance landlord-tenant interactions.

Voltihost’s expertise in web design and development, coupled with its fully-managed services, enabled ATW Properties to consolidate their digital operations and establish a strong online presence. The incorporation of seamless digital tools facilitated improved communication and operational efficiency for the client.


Expanded Digital Footprint:

ATW Properties successfully established a robust digital presence, allowing for streamlined communication and efficient management of rental operations.

Revenue Collection:

Implementation of Stripe payment integration enabled secure processing of rental payments, leading to improved revenue collection and financial efficiency.

Operational Efficiency:

Digital maintenance forms and communication methods enhanced operational processes, enabling prompt handling of tenant requests and property maintenance issues.

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Voltihost LLC is a leading provider of innovative web tech and digital marketing solutions that empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic digital landscape. With a strong focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional client service, Voltihost helps businesses gain a competitive edge and achieve digital success.

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