Vet On The Geaux

Custom Website, Branding, Payments

Vet On The Geaux is a forward-thinking mobile veterinary service based in Lafayette, Louisiana, that extends its compassionate care to multiple locations across the state. Founded in 2023 by Dr. Susan Waters, Vet On The Geaux prioritizes providing personalized and stress-free veterinary services in the comfort of pets’ own homes.


Vet On The Geaux faced the substantial challenge of establishing a digital presence to reach and connect with pet owners in their service areas. With no existing online platform, the client recognized the need to leverage digital solutions to enhance visibility and accessibility for their unique mobile veterinary practice.


Voltihost partnered with Vet On The Geaux to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that addressed their specific requirements. The services provided by Voltihost included website design and development, content creation, seamless payment integration, brand development encompassing logo and color schemes, secure web hosting, and concierge domain registration and management. In addition, Voltihost introduced fully managed website services to ensure optimal performance and hassle-free operation of Vet On The Geaux’s online platform.


By collaborating with Voltihost, Vet On The Geaux achieved remarkable outcomes:

Enhanced Digital Presence:

The newly crafted website served as a portal for pet owners to discover Vet On The Geaux’s unique in-home pet care services. The platform effectively communicated the practice’s mission, services, and commitment to personalized care, attracting a wider audience and establishing a strong online presence.

Increased Accessibility and Convenience:

Through seamless payment acceptance and easy online booking options integrated by Voltihost, pet owners could effortlessly schedule appointments and access vital information about services, leading to enhanced convenience and streamlined communication.

Strengthened Brand Identity:

Voltihost’s brand development initiatives resulted in the creation of a cohesive visual identity for Vet On The Geaux, reflecting the practice’s values of compassion, convenience, and quality care. The logo and color schemes resonated with clients, reinforcing trust and recognition within the veterinary landscape.
Voltihost’s tailor-made digital solutions empowered Vet On The Geaux to connect with pet owners on a new level, shaping meaningful interactions and fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust and exceptional pet care. This collaboration exemplified Voltihost’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art digital experiences and energizing businesses with innovative solutions that elevate their impact in the competitive digital realm.

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